Q: What do we do so the Word of Faith movement does not wane as it did in the past?

A: In the past, strife (including racially-motivated friction) impeded the growth of the movement and hindered its anointing in the United States of America, People also refused to what the scriptures said to do. Strife is Satan’s number one tool. Faith and love will keep it growing here.

Q: How can we effectively have strong couples in ministry?

A: The husband and wife must be on the same spiritual level.From personal experience, Deborah refused to even date me until I came up to her spiritual level.  We were not unequally yoked.Husband and wife also need to agree on how to raise their family and give them priority.  We agreed on how our children will be raised. As a minister, I didn’t put the ministry above my children. The most valuable thing I could give my kids wasn’t money but me.  Decisions we made about time and the Word were made early. If you are single you’ve got to get this right.

Q: How can ministers maintain the right motives when financial abundance comes?

A:If you spend time in the Word, the Word will check you and the Holy Ghost will too. If you won’t go anywhere if they don’t do something for you, you’ve got the wrong motive! Always listen to the Spirit and your motive will stay clear. The Lord taught me years ago that He’ll take care of me!

Q: Historically and spiritually, what is the proper order in a service for the psalms, hymns and spiritual songs?

A:You can have a basic programme that you prepare, but listen to the Holy Spirit’s direction and follow whatever order He gives. As the pastor, I’m the conductor and I’m listening to the Holy Ghost. Sometimes, you may be instructed to make an altar call in the middle of the service.  Just be obedient to His order.

I’m trying to teach churches about the Holy Spirit and letting Him lead. There is a spirit filled life and that life extends to the church. Whatever the needs are the Holy Spirit will deal with that. Dealing with masses of people is challenging andleadership has to make decisions because everywhere is different.  There is no order except the one the Holy Ghost gives.

Q: How can we make the most out of the relationships in associating with other ministers?

A: Don’t try to be like others, be yourself, but pay attention to the principles that spiritual elders practice. Treat your elders in ministry with reverence and give to those that bless you, as I did with my spiritual father, Kenneth E.Hagin.I honored the gift. I soaked myself in the Word. I treated my gift with reverence too.

Q: How do you practically organize your church for corporate prayer?

A: Anything you want your church to do, you teach it! You teach the same message until they get it.Teach it several times, not just once. I taught them about the things of the spirit until they got it. Also teach it to the leadership when you meet with them.

Q: What should be considered when meeting with elder ministers? What is the difference between a father and a mentor?

A: An actual father is a mentor. A father is to mentor you i.e. this is how you do something, this is how you listen to something.You should only have one spiritual father. There are lots of people trying to mentor you because they want power over you. God will give you a spiritual connection. If it’s there honour that minister. This generation has lost honour and so has lost wisdom.

Q: What is the role of women in the church today?

A: Their role isn’t different from that of the men. They can be ministers, leaders, etc. Find out what your assignment is and do it regardless of your gender!

Q: What is the most effective way a pastor can manage the flow of the Spirit?

A:You teach on it and arbitrate. In my church, I require that all interpretation come from the ministerial staff, so that error is prevented and controlled. Different churches should have different systems. but a system must be put in place to place to manage it.

Q:Would you keep a minister as a friend if he attacks other ministers?

A: You should be able to correct your friend. If not, then the person is probably not your friend! If they are able to speak badly of others to you, they are likely to speak badly about you to others.