The convener of the International Conference for Pastors, Ministers, Leaders and Workers, Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade took to the podium on the last day of the conference to share more insights with attendees.

Ecclesiastes 8:1-6

Regardless of what you’re doing the seed of the Word is important. The principles of the kingdom are also applicable in the business world. So you will discover that evangelism and business use the same principles. When you plant the kingdom in whatever you’re doing, the kingdom will influence it.

The starting point in ministry is the Word from God. This is the title deed and it tells you what the ministry is about.

A wiseman knows the interpretation of a thing! So, when things happen you must have an interpretation from God’s Word. 

It’s important to find out God’s mind concerning every matter.

Declare the Word even when there’s no apparent change, when you do this you’ll have manifestation, it’s inevitable. Inexplicable things will happen once the Word has been planted. Planting the Word and mixing it with praise brings a harvest. It’s important that when you plant it you’re connected to the anointings of God in your life. There must be people you constantly listen to,messages, books etc., increase comes into your life as a result.

Money plays a significant role when it relates to the things of God. The flow of money in ministry can change a message, decision making and appointments. (1Tim 6:10). You will be tested.

Numbers 22:18-19

If you’re called and anointed this test WILL come! If you pass this test God will fund your ministry with unknown people. 

The greatest gift at times is to sacrifice. You must have the guts to face down wolves in the congregation, because it’s the shepherd that sees them. If you’re living in fear you’ve already lost your ministry.

In God’s eyes, all ideas are bad as long as they’re not from Him.

James 2:1-7, Neh 1:1-

Take everything to God in prayer! Philippians 4:6

As a leader, the best thing to do is to educate your congregation.

Ezra 4:6, 24

The effect of an accusation is serious and in order for Satan’s plan to unfold there must be people on earth doing it. It’s not just accusations but spiritual warfare. It’s a battle of words, so you must fight.  You must not fight using railing accusations either but, the Lord rebuke you!

A business is also ruined through words i.e. accusations. Any business still growing has more people speaking in its favour than against it.The purpose of accusations is to cause ruin.

If you’re afraid of evil accusations then you’ve lost before you’ve even started.

Jesus stands as your advocate so make sure you take everything to Him. If you don’t acknowledge Him as your advocate there will be a void. He says that the mistakes you make don’t cause doors to be shut against you. Jesus opens the doors that have shut and takes away the consequences in practical terms.

Rev 12:4

Satan waited until the child was born and then stole it. There are people that don’t have the capacity to build but steal through false accusations.

Luke 6:7

Many things that hang over people and ministries are accusations. You must know how to fight on your knees to counter accusations. You don’t take things for granted in spiritual matters! The only way you can get demonic activities out of the way is by practice. God ensures that the good that comes out of the intended evil is enough to comfort you.

Luke 19:8, Rev 12:4