Continuing along the lines of admonishing leaders and what ministry really means, Pastor Poju Oyemade taught at the evening session on the third day of the ICPMWL.

The hand of faith cannot receive what the eyes of faith has not seen.

The first step in faith is God communicating to you some information about the situation: which usually serves as encouragement to your faith.

Turn your face towards what God has said.

Every ministry requires full baked attention and not double-mindedness.Paul told Timothy to meditate upon these things(the word of truth),giving himself wholly to them.

Luke 9:51…(he steadfastly turnedhis face towards Jerusalem). As a leader you have to set your face to where you have been sent.You see, if your face is not turned towards certain things you will not achieve what you should.In ministry you must give yourself wholly to the course and not half baked attention. If your attention is scattered you will not focus in the direction God is leading you as a minister

In the Book of Jonah (chapter 2 vs 8), when Jonah remembered God he came to an important conclusion; ‘When men observe lying vanities they forsake their own mercies’.

When you’re occupied with things on the external will take your focus away from where God is directing e.g. Peter walking on water started sinking when he turned his attention to look at the boisterous wind. Even when every visible form of encouragement is completely removed keep focusing on the truths of God’s Word. Many lose the manifestation that is already in place by turning their attention from Christ and God’s Word to their environment.

Follow whatever Holy Ghost is telling you on the inside. When you go somewhere and it doesn’t register in your heart don’t do it because the peace of God is your umpire

If there is anything a Leader must understand it’s how to handle offenses. As a leader you must take strife out of your life.