Pastor Oyemade began by stating that God will only perform what He has promised (Romans 4:21). This is what He is actually committed to bringing to pass in the believer’s life. Many simply desire something, and with their knowledge of God’s ability, they assume that they have faith. What they have however, is hope, not faith. He illustrated this with the case of a person in financial need who may hear of a very rich man in the community: if the man in need hears from others in similar situations that the rich man had very willingly helped them (even though they were strangers to him), what those testimonies will give him is hope. If he later meets with the rich man and receives from him a promise of financial assistance, he then becomes confident that his problem is taken care of, based on that promise, even though the money isn’t yet in his possession. This is how faith works.

Continuing, Pastor ‘Poju explained from Romans 10:13-15 and 1Peter 1:9-12 that there are things that God intends to give His people and that He confirms this intention to us through preachers. We should therefore ask ministers not to pray for us, but to show us God’s Word that relates to our situation so that we can declare, “it is written…” Going further, he read Ecclesiastes 12:9-11 and John 16:25 and admonished that the preacher should make plain the Word of God; he should be an instructor, not a prayer contractor. He also said that believers need teachers that will give them direction (Isaiah 30:19-21) and lamented that the focus on ‘customer service’ and entertainment in churches today has become a distraction.’ He warned that people will eventually leave the places where they are pampered and settle in the churches where the true Word is preached and where there is an ordered structure i.e. people need government.

Speaking further on the concept of faith, Pastor said that after the believer receives the Scriptures that relate to his issue, he should:

  • Be wholly occupied with the Word of God concerning that matter. Continually read the Scriptures over and over (even if he had previously memorized them), as they should “not depart from your eyes.” Set specific hours (“watches”) at which to do this.
  • Refuse to be swayed from his confidence that what he seeks will come to pass. Don’t be moved by even seemingly positive signs around you, as they may pass away without fulfilling anything. Put your faith in God’s Word alone, as He is your only source.

Pastor Oyemade went on to teach that men in the Bible set up altars in places where God did remarkable things for them. By ‘building altars’, we can call to remembrance our former days.Without these altars, we may forget the mighty things God did for us. We may struggle with lesser things today when in fact, those past feats planted seeds in us to reproduce similar feats today (Genesis 1:11). In concluding, he declared that we need to go back to those altars and follow what is in our hearts.